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Transition to Kuali COI

Dear Faculty,   

 As announced in July 2018, UMBC is transitioning from the research management format in PeopleSoft to the cloud-based Kuali system. The Office of the Vice President for Research is moving to the next steps of integration in the Kuali COI module.    

 Investigators who are considered “Key Persons” in awards from funding agencies will follow the disclosure requirements of any potential significant financial conflicts of interests. 

 What This Means For You?  

 Many faculty colleagues have been using the Kuali COI module to disclose COI within Kuali Proposal Development. Now, when awards are set up in Kuali, you will need to log into the COI module to create or update COI disclosures. When we integrate awards into the COI module you may be notified by Kuali to create or update your COI disclosure if you have not done so via the proposal process.  This is in order to capture and update the COI status for currently active awards. 

 Effective September 15, 2018, the Kuali COI module will be updated with Award integration. This means when OSP processes a new funding award in Kuali Awards, as a “Key Person”, you will receive an automated email notification from COI to review and answer 5 core COI questions. More than likely you reviewed and answered these questions at the time a proposal for this award was submitted. As part of the COI certification process, you’ll need to recertify again, update any existing financial entities and check the “certify” box.  

The Annual Disclosure status under Key personnel in Awards must state “Up to Date”. If the Annual Disclosure says “Update Needed” or “Expired”, the identified Key Personnel must go into the COI module to complete or update their COI answers before the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) can approve and process an award.   

Also note, if an award is made as a result of a proposal to a Public Health Services (PHS) entity [e.g., NIH], the requirement to take the CITI FCOI training is still in effect. 

 Next Steps 

 Self-Study Option:  Go to COI Training page to read the current version of the Kuali COI User Guide - a Power Point presentation that includes step-by-step instructions and screen shots.  This should give you enough information to understand, certify, route, COI disclosures via workflow. 

Still not comfortable?  Then sign up for one of the multiple in-person training options that are offered monthly.  

For more detailed information regarding Kuali, please visit the OVPR Kuali page at http://research.umbc.edu/kuali-research-at-umbc/.

Posted: September 17, 2018, 8:53 AM