Kuali Quick Reference Cards

Proposal & Award Reference and Videos

Kuali Research Dashboard 
Proposal Search
Create A New Proposal  
Enter Credit Allocation (Credit Split) 
Build a Full Proposal Electronic Routing
How to Use Medusa
Grants Gov Proposal Creation
Locks  (User cannot access their Proposal)
Managing Your Action List – Filters and Preferences
How to Replace a Document While in Routing
How to Assign Ad Hoc Proposal Routings
Give Permissions to Others to Access Your Proposal 
How to Approve a Proposal 
Proposal Search by Aggregator 
Award Search
Proposal Export List
Award Export List


For The Principal Investigator

Managing Your Proposal
Viewing Your Award
PI Certification
PI Training Search
Proposal and Award Export for Researchers


Protocol Topics 

Create Your IRB Protocol
Creating an IACUC Protocol    
Submitting an IACUC Protocol
Amending or Renewing Your IACUC Protocol
Closing Out Your IACUC Protocol


Conflict of Interest 

View Your COI Disclosure
Create or Update Your Annual Disclosure
Managing Your Proposals and COI Disclosure
Delegates on COI Disclosures

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