Research Education and Training via CITI


UMBC uses the CITI web based training format to meet research compliance training requirements and document such training. Click on the appropriate hyperlink below to access

Questions or issues regarding training? Click this link: Research compliance feedback and reporting research concerns.

All UMBC employees and students have a UMBC issued user credentials and should use Single Sign-On (SSO) to ensure that the course record is linked to your UMBC training activity. You must use your UMBC login credentials to access the training modules in CITI.

Returning UMBC Users

If you already had an account that was associated with your UMBC email address, then your account was linked to your user credentials during the SSO conversion. Visit the UMBC Single Sign On (SSO) login  and log into CITI with your UMBC credentials.

If you are missing information from your current UMBC training record, it is likely you have multiple accounts (using different email addresses) with CITI and the primary account was set to an account you do (or may) not use. To remedy the situation, email the CITI Program help desk and request an account merge to your UMBC email account. You will need to provide the following information:

Your first and last name
Affiliated institution (“University of Maryland Baltimore County”)
Username of account to keep (i.e. the account linked to your UMBC user credentials)
Username of account(s) to merge

You can retrieve your username through the CITI automated retrieval system.

 New UMBC Users

Visit the CITI webpage and log in with your UMBC user credentials. Upon login your new account will be created and you will be prompted to complete the required profile information.

Non-UMBC affiliated users

Unaffiliated campus individuals can have the ability to register for the appropriate UMBC CITI training modules. UMBC allows authorized University full-time staff and faculty members to request accounts for people who are not currently students, faculty, or staff. These temporary identities will allow these non-affiliated individuals to access appropriate campus services, such as email, to use for registering for CITI. UMBC persons or departments who plan to sponsor accounts for non-affiliated individuals would follow these instructions.


Animal Care and Use Training (IACUC)

Who needs it  –  Personnel who work with/care for animals
Frequency – Repeat every three (3) years

Biosafety Training (IBC)

Who needs it – Personnel who work with recombinant DNA and biohazardous materials
Frequency –Repeat every three (3) years

Financial Conflict of Interest Training (COI)

Who needs it – Personnel identified as “investigators”  PHS funded awards
Frequency – Repeat every four (4) years

Export Control Training

Who needs it – Personnel whose research activities that may be subject to U.S. export control regulations
Frequency – Repeat every two (2) years

Human Participant Use Training (IRB)

Who needs it – Personnel involved in human subjects research
Frequency – repeat every five (5) years

Responsible Conduct of Research Training

Who needs it – Student and postdoctoral researchers working on an NSF or NIH-sponsored projects
Frequency – repeat every four (4) years


For all the above training, expect a reminder from CITI to renew training 30 days prior to expiration

Information about other education and training opportunities are noted on each of the above links

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