UMBC F&A Rate Information

UMBC Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Rate Resources:

F&A Waiver Policy and Form updated 10/14/2019

UMBC policy on the consistent application of facility and administrative (F&A) costs

Current F&A Negotiated Rate Agreement, Implementation and other information

Current F&A Rate Agreement

Application of F&A Rates to Sponsored Projects 

F&A Cost Return to a Center or Institute

Procedure for Determining Off-campus Projects updated 04/29/2021

Ann Holmes of UMCP is an expert in explaining the basics of calculating the F&A rates.  A link to a short 20 minute video of her explaining F&A is found here.  When watching the video, it helps to have two documents (F&A Rate Calculation & Expense Cost Pools) on hand, which are attached for your convenience.