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KualiResearch at UMBC

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KualiResearch is an electronic research administration tool that supports the management of research awards. KualiResearchis an updated version of the MIT developed Coeus software that provides a set of tools to make administration of research awards easier and more efficient. It is open source software and developed and maintained by a community of universities through the Kuali Foundation.

UMBC is joining its sister system campuses who are committed to the transition of the research management format in PeopleSoft to the cloud-based KualiResearch system. The alignment presents a unique opportunity for UMBC to benefit from a system-wide initiative sharing of resources for:

  • implementation and operation,
  • cost savings to implement and run the KualiResearch system, and
  • enhanced support of multi-disciplinary and multi-campus integration of research

For more information about UMBC implementation process, please click on the below:

Professional Student Needed !!!

KualiResearch Implementation FAQs

Updates for Kuali Research

Draft Implementation Schedule

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Kuali webinars

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