Career Opportunities in Research Administration

Have you ever considered a career in Research Administration?

University Research Administration is a broad career field that is best summed up with the following description: University research administrators support the research endeavor at their institution by supporting faculty, assisting with the preparation and submission of proposals, and managing research grants and contracts.

Departmental Research Administrators at UMBC assist faculty in the planning and preparation of proposals to be submitted to agencies, foundations, and companies that may have an interest in funding research projects. Departmental research administrators help with the day-to-day administration of research funds through ordering supplies and services, taking personnel actions, and monitoring expenditures to ensure compliance with university and sponsor requirements. They work closely with both the faculty and central offices to ensure the proper completion of research projects.

Research Administrators in the UMBC Office of Sponsored Programs work at the central administrative level to support the research endeavors of faculty who are seeking external research funding and support from various agencies, foundations and companies. Office of Sponsored Programs Administrators review and submit research proposals, as well as negotiate and finalize research grants and contracts.

Other areas of Research Administration include central Contract and Grant Accounting and various specialized areas of Research Compliance, Technology Development, and Intellectual Property Law.

Research Administration can be a rewarding and engaging career. While research administrators do not conduct the actual research, they play a vital role in facilitating the amazing research conducted at UMBC.

If you would like to learn more about a career in Research Administration please contact the UMBC Office of Sponsored Programs at Additionally, please consider visiting the resource links below:


Professional Certification and Graduate Certificates

1.       UMB Research Administration Graduate Certificate Program 

2.      Research Administrators Certification Council (CRA, CPRA, CFRA)

3.      Management Concepts Grants Management Certification Program

4.      Johns Hopkins University, Research Administration, Master of Science

Professional Organization Career Centers & Job Postings

1.       NCURA Career Center

2.      Society of Research Administrators International: Careers in Research Admin 

3.      Sign up for Research Admin Job Postings via the Research Administration Listserv (RESADM-L)

Free Training and Professional Development

1. New York University’s Research Administration Demonstration Series (RAD)

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