Kuali Protocols

Human Subjects Protocols

UMBC has an Institutional Review Board (IRB) whose responsibility is to protect the rights and ensuring the safety of human subjects participating in research. The IRB requires that all investigators who are affiliated with UMBC and who are engaged in research, regardless of funding, comply with both UMBC procedures and federal regulations regarding the protection of human subjects in protocol activities.

Animal Research Protocols

UMBC requires that an animal research protocol, regardless of funding source, be submitted for review and approval by the IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) before any investigator purchases, obtains and begins research involving vertebrate species. The IACUC will review all animal use carried out in university facilities, as well as fieldwork conducted by UMBC personnel. All projects are to be approved prior to the actual use of animals, whether it involves research/teaching or warm/cold blooded vertebrates.

Kuali is your one-stop shop for submitting protocols. Note: IRB and IACUC will now only accept protocols Via Kuali.

Have a current protocol in progress? Please review your current protocol into KUALI before annual reviews or protocol amendments are approved. The ORPC staff is ready to assist you with questions or one-on-one training.  Contact ORPC via email to compliance@umbc.edu.

To submit or update a protocol, click on https://umbc.kuali.co/protocols/portal/protocols

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Submitting an IACUC Protocol

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Amending or Renewing Your IACUC Protocol

Closing Out Your IACUC Protocol


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