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ORPC Documents and Forms

All forms on this page work best when downloaded to your laptop or computer and using Microsoft Word 2007 and above to complete.

Animal Protocol (IACUC) Forms (current as of 07/31/2018)

Animal Research Protocol Form
Animal Import Form
Animal Export Form
Holding Protocol Request
Protocol Annual Review Report (Final)
Protocol Annual Review Report (Years 1 and 2)
Protocol Closure Report
Request for Minor Change/Amendment to an Animal Use Protocol
Request for Significant Change to an Animal Use Protocol
COMING SOON!!!  Animal protocols will soon be submitted via Kuali Protocols – click this link for more information 

Biosafety (IBC) forms (current as of 07/31/2018)

IBC Research Registration Form
IBC Annual Review
IBC Modification

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Process  (current as of 09/14/2018)

         The Kuali COI disclosure system allows researchers the ability to submit and update their             
          research related COIs annually and disclose any new reportable
          interests. To submit or update a disclosure, click on
Export Control Management Forms (current as of 06/24/2019)
Technology Control Plan template
Annual Certification of Adherence to Technology Control Plan
“Tools of the Trade” Traveler Certification Letter
Foreign Person Screening Form

Human Participant Use (IRB) Forms (current as of 06/12/2019)

Adverse Event Report
Class Project Research Application
Class  Project Research Report
Closure Report
Consent Documents – Adult Consent Template
Consent Documents – Adult Assent Template
Consent Documents – Addendum to Prior Consent Template
Consent Documents – Email Consent Template
Consent Documents – Information Sheet Template
Consent Documents – LAR Consent Template
Consent Documents – Parent/Guardian Consent Template
Consent Documents – Webpage Consent Template
Consent Documents – Minor (Child) Assent
Consent Waiver –  All Consent Elements
Consent Waiver – Alteration of Consent Elements
Consent Waiver – Documentation of Signature
Deviation Report
Exemption Research Application for Categories 1, 2, 3, and 6
Expedited and Full Board Research Application
HIPAA Authorization to use and/or disclose PHI
HIPAA Waiver of authorization
IRB Authorization Agreement –  UMBC of record
IRB Authorization Agreement – UMBC NOT of record
Individual Investigator Agreement
Modification Request
Oral Script to Discuss Research Template
Sample Study Recruitment Flyer
Secondary Data Use Research Application
Student Research Application
Telephone Screen Template