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Kuali Live in 2018

A cloud-based electronic research administration tool. Use Kuali for all your research proposal & budget submissions.


UMBC joins its sister system campuses moving research administration systems from PeopleSoft to Kuali. UMBC benefits from a system-wide approach for

  • implementation and operations,
  • cost savings to implement and run the Kuali System, and
  • enhanced support of multi-disciplinary and multi-campus integration of research
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Kuali Overview
Kuali Training Courses – What classes should I take?
Training Guides
Quick Reference Cards 
Self-Help Videos
Kuali FAQs
Implementation Schedule  (updated 11/5/2018)
Kuali Webinars
Link to Kuali Production –
New to Kuali? Do a Test Drive –      Kuali sandbox
Kuali Questions?  Contact OSP –     Kuali Help Desk

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