Policies and Procedures

Research Policies

  • USM II-3.10 Policy on Professional Commitment of Faculty
  • USM III-1.10 Policy on Misconduct in Scholarly Work
  • USM III-1.11  Policy on Conflicts of Interest in Research or Development
  • USM IV-1.00 Policy for the Establishment & Review of Centers & Institutes in the UM System
  • USM IV-2.00 Policy on Solicitation and Acceptance of Sponsored Projects
  • USM IV-2.10 Policy on Human Subjects of Research
  • USM IV-2.20 Policy on Classified and Proprietary Work
  • USM IV-3.00 Policy on Patents
  • USM IV-3.10 Policy on Copyrights
  • USM IV-3.20 Policy on Intellectual Property
  • USM VI-13.00 Policy on Campus Emergency Planning, Preparedness, and Response
  • USM VIII-7.10 Policy on Reporting Suspected or Known Fiscal Irregularities

Research Procedures