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Kuali Now Live at UMBC!

Providing a Single Source, Web-based Software Solution

October 6, 2017 8:24 AM

Over the next six months, UMBC will be transitioning to a new software system, Kuali, to significantly improve the process of proposal submission and several other critical extramural related activities for our faculty and department administrators.


Kuali is an enterprise-wide, cradle-to-grave, electronic system that is the result of the partnership between the Kuali Foundation and a community of R1 institutions, including the University of Maryland Baltimore and College Park.  The system was designed by Universities for Universities.


It provides a single resource for proposals, all extramural award types, compliance, and unfunded agreement information while providing a web-based solution for many complex workflows as part of the review and approval process.  While it currently does not house expenditure data, it will allow Administrators, Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators, Chairs and Dean's one portal to their individual or their unit information.

Easing the burden of extramural funding submissions, Kuali provides tools to assist in collaboration, budget and compliance approvals. The system provides the UMBC community an electronic approval and submission process, and eliminates the requirement to create Federal Agency form packages. The Kuali System submits automatically to System-to-System Grants.Gov. The system also has compliance tracking, for example, COI financial disclosures tied directly to proposals, awards and IRB. 

UMBC is joining sister system campuses who are committed to the transition of the research management format in PeopleSoft to the cloud-based Kuali system. 

The alignment presents a unique opportunity for UMBC to benefit from a system-wide initiative sharing of resources for:


· implementation and operation,

· cost savings to implement and run the Kuali system, and

· enhanced support of multi-disciplinary and multi-campus integration of research


In 2018, successful UMBC proposals will be managed in Kuali Award module tracking negotiations, reporting, compliance and finally the close-out process. 

Rollout has started to selected pilot departments!


For questions, just email us at OSP Team at the following:


For further information and to sign-up for Kuali training, go to UMBC Kuali Website at:


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