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Technology Manager Paola Buitron to Present on Patent Trolls

May 28, 2015 9:43 AM

The Office of the VP for Research is proud to announce that Paola Buitron, Technology Manager for Technology Development was selected to present with her co-author Alaxander Alduncin, M.A. Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison at the Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference their paper on “The role of law in the patent landscape: how the current system can tackle ‘patent trolls.’"  The conference was held at Western University in London, Canada May 21-22 2015.   The conference that offers graduates students from around the world “a forum for new and emerging scholars to build networks, and to exchange and develop new ideas, concepts, and approaches to law and other disciplines”,  theme was “Law: Helping Hand or Iron Fist?”. To view a slide presentation about their paper, please go to link: