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MIPAR Researchers Receive International Award

March 10, 2015 3:40 PM
The International Center of Mental Health Policy and Economics has awarded UMBC researchers David Salkever (Public Policy) and Brent Gibbons (Ph.D., ’13, Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research), along with co-authors Robert E. Drake, William D. Frey, Thomas W. Hale, and Mustafa Karakus, an Excellence in Mental Health Policy and Economics Research Award – 2015 for the article “Increasing Earnings of Social Security Disability Income Beneficiaries with Serious Mental Disorder.”

The article, which was published in the Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics 2014; 17 (2): 75-90, reports the results of MIPAR research conducted in collaboration with Westat for the Social Security Administration. The award will be presented on March 27 in Venice, Italy at the Twelfth Workshop on Costs and Assessment.
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