Permits to import/export animals for research

Permits are required to enable investigators to engage in legitimate scientific research activities involving protected species that would otherwise be prohibited by law.  These permits ensure activities are carried out to safeguards wildlife as well as promote local, national and international conservation efforts. Permits are also required to document the transfer of animals to and from UMBC involving collaborators for the attending veterinarian to assess the health reports of animals, the strains and animal numbers (if different from IACUC approved use) and to determine if a protocol amendment is required.  The IACUC will require evidence of an approved permit in the protocol review process.

UMBC Veterinarian Import/Export Permits

Animal Import Form – to receive animals for housing and use in UMBC animal facilities

Animal Export Form – to ship animals for housing and use in non-UMBC animal facilities

Government Permits

US Fish & Wildlife Service, US Department of the Interior (CITES, ESA, etc.)

National Marine Fisheries Service, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association

Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service, US Department of Agriculture

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