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Burns To Study Arachnid Evolution In Japan Through NSF CAREER Award

Mammals and most other vertebrates require a mate to reproduce, but some organisms can reproduce on their own. Animals that are able to switch between the two modes of reproduction are incredibly rare. Burns’s project will investigate what drives females in a species of arachnids to reproduce sexually or asexually.

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Unlocking Secrets Of Materials That Turn Heat Into Electricity: Deepa Madan Wins NSF CAREER Award

The 5 year, $500k grant furthers Madan’s research on thermoelectrics, materials turn a temperature difference into electricity, or vice versa. Thermoelectrics have the potential to improve wearable medical devices, reduce energy waste, and power sensors to monitor everything from the safety of infrastructure to the paths pollutants travel.

Deepak Koirala To Grow Understanding Of How Enteroviruses Replicate

Prof. Koirala’s group will investigate the RNA structures within the genetic material in these viruses and how those structures enable the viruses to multiply inside cells. The answers could eventually lead to drugs that attack specific mechanisms critical for viral replication, stopping these diseases in their tracks.

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Baltimore Sun Features UMBC Student Research

“Annual conference showcases UMBC’s focus on undergraduate research,” the Baltimore Sun announced this morning. The article highlights the hard work of over 200 UMBC students who participated in...

Posted: April 26, 2012, 5:55 PM

Christine Routzahn, Shriver Center, in Diversity/Careers

Christine Routzahn, Shriver Center Director of Professional Practice, comments on the increasing value and popularity of internship opportunities in this month’s new issue of Diversity/Careers in...

Posted: December 2, 2011, 5:54 PM