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UMBC Leads Research Into Light-based Timing And Navigation Technologies For DOD-funded Consortium

Every day, radio signals from GPS satellites help millions of people figure out what time it is and where they are. Yet the system is vulnerable to disruptions and attacks. Sometimes users are unable to access critical information. Other times, adversaries may try to fool users into thinking they are somewhere they aren’t.

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Tyler Josephson Advances A New Field Of Research Through $650,000 NSF CAREER Award

Josephson and his students will combine the Lean theorem prover with formal descriptions of chemical concepts, such as the thermodynamic behavior of gases and of molecules sticking and unsticking from surfaces. The application of “formal methods” has the potential to accelerate scientific progress.

Deepak Koirala To Grow Understanding Of How Enteroviruses Replicate

Prof. Koirala’s group will investigate the RNA structures within the genetic material in these viruses and how those structures enable the viruses to multiply inside cells. The answers could eventually lead to drugs that attack specific mechanisms critical for viral replication, stopping these diseases in their tracks.

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