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Research Education and Training

UMBC is charged with and committed to the education of faculty, students and staff in research regulatory requirements. This effort is accomplished through web-based training modules, workshops and class presentations to meet the needs of the research investigators.

Web-based training

Click on the links to view details about the training modules and registration process

Animal Care and Use Training (IACUC)
Who needs it  –  Personnel who work with/care for animals
Frequency – Repeat every three (3) years
Format – CITI

Biosafety Training (IBC)
Who needs it – Personnel who work with recombinant DNA and biohazardous materials
Frequency – Annually
Format – CITI and Webnet

Financial Conflict of Interest Training (COI)
Who needs it – Personnel identified as “investigators”  PHS funded awards
Frequency – Repeat every four (4) years
Format – CITI

Lab Health and Safety Training
Who needs it – Personnel who may be exposed to or work with chemicals or other hazardous materials
Frequency – Annually
Format – Webnet

Export Control Training
Who needs it – Personnel whose research activities that may be subject to U.S. export control regulations
Frequency – Repeat every two (2) years
Format – CITI

Human Participant Use Training (IRB)
Who needs it – Personnel involved in human subjects research
Frequency – repeat every five (5) years
Format – CITI

Occupational Safety and Health Training (IACUC)
Who needs it – Personnel who work with/care for animals
Frequency – Annually
Format – Webnet

Responsible Conduct of Research Training
Who needs it – Student and postdoctoral researchers working on an NSF or NIH-sponsored projects
Frequency – repeat every three (3) years
Format – CITI

Workshops and Presentations

The ORPC conducts scheduled “in-person” sessions on a variety of topics related to research compliance. Please click here for the current schedule.

Other UMBC research training opportunities and information

Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) Seminars and Workshops

Principal Investigator/Administrator Training