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Hilltop Awarded Contract to Estimate the Costs of Tobacco

News from UMBC's Hilltop Institute

October 3, 2018 12:46 PM

The Center for Mississippi Health Policy has commissioned UMBC's Hilltop Institute to estimate the costs to Mississippi Medicaid attributable to tobacco. Using the best available evidence from the research literature, Hilltop will identify conditions associated with tobacco use and the associated ICD-10 diagnosis codes to build a model for estimating tobacco-related costs for Mississippi Medicaid participants. The model will use Mississippi Medicaid administrative claims data. Findings from Hilltop’s study will be presented to Mississippi state policymakers to inform consideration of strategies to reduce tobacco use among Medicaid participants. Hilltop Executive Director Cynthia Woodcock, MBA, is principal investigator and Senior Policy Analyst Charles Betley, MA, is project manager.

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