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UMBC IBC Post Approval Forms and Procedures

Requirements to be met after Approval

  • If your Approval letter contains stipulations, it is the Principal Investigator’s or Lab Instructor’s responsibility to ensure that these requirements are completed PRIOR to initiating work. Upon receipt, a modified approval letter will then be sent providing full approval for three (3) years.
  • Laboratories must be inspected annually to ensure compliance with all regulatory and institutional policies and procedures. This inspection will be completed by ESH.
  • All staff listed on an active research or teaching registration must participate in specified trainings. NOTE: All personnel must retake the REQUIRED training. Additional trainings may be mandated by the IBC dependent upon the biohazardous agent used. The ORPC will track all personnel training.

Annual Renewal

Principal Investigators who wish to maintain an active registration must report any progress to the IBC on an annual basis describing issues occurring with the project, additions of new agents/organisms, etc. One month (30 days) prior to the second and third anniversaries of the approval date, the PI must submit an annual renewal form to the ORPC; PIs will a notice reminder about this requirement. The form is found here and should be submitted via email to Reviewed by ORPC and ESH; if no or minor changes, renewal is automatically approved. If there are significant changes, PIs are required to submit a new IBC Application Form.

Third Year Renewal

The IBC approves projects for a period of three years. Three months (90 days) prior to the expiration date of the IBC approval, PIs and Lab Instructors will need to submit a new IBC Research Application Form or Teaching Lab Application Form for review and approval in order to continue the project.


Modifications to an approved registration should be submitted via email to  Minor changes to a research or teaching registration include personnel changes, room changes, termination of research, etc; reviewed and approved by ORPC and ESH. Major changes will require the resubmission of the original application for approval, highlighting any changes made with review by the full IBC.

Research Registration Closures

A closure report is required to report to the IBC that the research or teaching activity using recombinant DNA and/or biohazardous agents has been completed.

Forms required

UMBC IBC Annual Update Form

UMBC IBC Modification Form

UMBC Teaching Lab Application Form

UMBC Registration Closure Report

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