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GRIT-X 2018 talks by Alumni, Faculty, and a Graduate Student

Saturday, October 13, 2018
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Performing Arts & Humanities Building : Dance Cube
UMBC will host it’s third annual GRIT-X series of engaging lectures on October 13, as part of the 2018 Homecoming celebrations, featuring some of our university community’s most fascinating new research and creative work.

The two-hour event will be held in the Dance Cube of the Performing Arts & Humanities Center, starting at 10:00 am.

GRIT-X stands for Global. Research. Innovation. Trends. Excellence. and provides a glimpse at the breadth of programs and impactful research and thought-provoking topics that many of our alumni and faculty are working on. 

GRIT-X features UMBC alumni, faculty, and - for the first time - a current graduate student, Kavita Krishnaswamy, a Ph.D. student in computer science, will present some of her work.  

For a full program of GRIT-X 2018, please see the web site. Attendance at GRIT-X is free, but we request online registration at this link.
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