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Research and Creative Achievement at UMBC during COVID-19

Effective June 15, 2020 UMBC’s Research & Studio Facilities are operating under Stage 1 RCA Mode.
  • On a rolling basis, faculty RCA team leaders are being invited through their Department Chairs or Supervisors to submit an RCA Relaunch request via DocuSign to request access to On-Campus labs or studios for RCA activities. RCA team leaders need to submit a detailed plan with minimum RCA team members to relaunch their RCA activities.
    • All individuals authorized for Stage 1 RCA access are subject to mandatory COVID-19 Symptom Tracking and Testing as outlined below.
    • Please coordinate with your Department Chair on the On-Campus RCA Relaunch Request.
  • If you have a need to conduct Off-Campus RCA Activities, please contact your Department Chair to receive an Off-Campus RCA Request form.
    • We encourage you to keep your UMBC-related Off-Campus RCA activities at an absolute minimum.
    • International travel on UMBC business is not permitted under the current conditions.
    • Documentation from the host site is required to confirm that the proposed RCA activities can be conducted.
    • Carefully consider your travel plans, since a stop-over in certain states may require up to two weeks of self-quarantine. These limitation are subject to change.
    • Please contact your Department Chair for access to the Off-Campus RCA Request.
  • If you have a one-time need to visit the Campus, please contact your Department Chair AND your College RCA Access Coordinator in advance.
    • Examples would be picking up documents or instruments or rebooting a computer.
  • College RCA Access Coordinators:
Stage 2 RCA Mode – delayed until at least August 17, 2020
  • Due to the current pandemic conditions, UMBC’s transition to Stage 2 RCA Mode has been delayed until at least August 17, 2020.  We continue to operate under Stage 1 RCA Mode.
Mandatory COVID-19 Symptom Tracking and Testing

Beginning August 3, any individual authorized for Stage 1 RCA access will be required to complete UMBC’s online Symptom Tracker every day, seven days a week, including days that you do and do not anticipate being on campus. The form takes about 30 seconds to complete and includes a field to note your temperature and simple check boxes to indicate any symptoms or exposure. Respondents who indicate possible COVID-19 symptoms or exposure may receive a follow-up call or other instructions based on their specific responses.

As per the communication by USM Chancellor Perman dated July 31, 2020, “Any student or employee returning for the first time to UMB’s campus August 17th or later must be tested for COVID-19 within 14 days prior to arrival on-campus and provide confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test prior to starting in-person classes, educational activities, or working on campus.”

Any member of the UMBC community that participated in the On-Campus testing made available on July 13 and 14, is cleared for the time being.  UMBC is currently exploring options for a potential second date of testing on Campus. In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to explore the option of seeking testing at locations available across Maryland:

  • Information on testing locations in the State of Maryland can be found here.
  • Students and employees living outside of Maryland should visit their state health department’s website for information on COVID-19 testing available in their state. A link to each state’s health department can be found here.
Guidelines for On-Campus RCA Activities under Stage 1 RCA Mode
UMBC has hosted four Virtual Town Halls – on April 17,  May 8, May 29, and June 23, 2020, dedicated to the Relaunching of Research and Creative Achievement (RCA) activities on the UMBC Campus.
Research Resources:
  • COVID-19 – related Funding Opportunities
  • OVPR is tracking the growing number of federal and private funding opportunities related to COVID-19.
  • Faculty and administrative leaders are encouraged to check frequently on this site, and to let the Research Office know of any new relevant funding opportunities that should be shared through this mechanism.
UMBC joins USM COVID Research & Innovation Task Force
  • University System of Maryland (USM) Chancellor Jay A. Perman assembled a Task Force to leverage and mobilize systemwide research and innovations that will engage policymakers, business leaders, and the entrepreneurial community in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Laurie Locascio, Vice President for Research at both UMCP and UMB, serves as Task Force Chair, with senior staffing provided by USM Vice Chancellor for Economic Development  J. Thomas Sadowski.
  • In addition to USM Chancellor Jay A. Perman, the Task Force includes UMB Interim President Bruce Jarrell, UMCP President-Designee Darryll Pines and UMBC Vice President for Research Karl V. Steiner.

COGR-maintained lists of COVID-19 Funding Opportunities:

Special COVID-19 Funding Opportunities for UMBC Faculty.


Latest Update – April 29, 2020