Procedure For Checks Received at the Department

Departments receiving checks by post office mail should make 2 copies of the each check and hand deliver original and copies to Cheryl Johnson- Grant Accounting Admin 413.

  • Departments must immediately restrictively endorse checks “for the deposit only” with UMBC stamp provided by Bursar’s office prior to bringing to Grant Accounting.
  • Provide on copy #1 the Peoplesoft project number /Grant and e-mail address for department representative. Please also write the agency name.
  • Copy #2 of the check will serve as a receipt of delivery. Cheryl Johnson will sign this copy. Departments should retain this copy as a proof of disposition of check.

Grant Accounting will deliver the chart string and check to SAR.

Grant Accounting will provide by e-mail the deposit #, within 48 hours of receipt. Departments may search Peoplesoft Retriever for confirmation of deposits.

Call Grant Accounting (410) 455-3917, with any questions concerning this procedure.

Deposting Sponsored Projects Checks (OCGA Webpage)