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Overview of the IACUC Process

The UMBC Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is committed to overseeing an animal care and use program that provides a humane and compliant environment for animals and supports the research and teaching programs of our researchers, instructors, and students.

Research, field studies and teaching involving live vertebrate animals, regardless of funding source, conducted under the auspices of UMBC is reviewed by the IACUC in compliance with federal regulations, its  Animal Welfare Assurance (# D16-00462) and institutional policies and procedures. Protocols describing animal use and care in detail must be submitted to and approved by the IACUC before research or teaching activities can begin.

UMBC accepts responsibility for the care and use of animals involved in activities covered by the Animal Welfare Assurance. As partial fulfillment of this responsibility, UMBC will ensure that all individuals involved in the care and use of laboratory animals understand their individual and collective responsibilities for compliance with this Assurance, as well as all other applicable laws and regulations pertaining to animal care and use.

Additionally, all personnel involved in the care and use of research or teaching animals must complete the required animal care and use training as well as follow the risk assessment and education procedures described in the UMBC Occupational Health and Safety Program  prior to having contact with the animals.

Briefly, the protocol review process entails:

  1. Completion and submission of an IACUC protocol form. The Office for Research Protections and Compliance (ORPC) staff are available to answer any questions regarding the IACUC submission process and IACUC review of research studies. The protocol form should be submitted electronically to
  2. Review of a submitted protocol for consideration and review at a scheduled meeting
  3. Review of research annual continuation activities and modifications to research.

Research compliance feedback and reporting research concerns

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