Financial Extramural Award Closeout Procedures for Contract and Grant Accounting

  1. OSP will receive notice from the Sponsor stating it is time to close an award. Even if not initiated by the Sponsor, OSP will send required closeout documents to the Sponsor Administrative office.
  2. OSP will send via email a project closeout notification to the PI and Department administrator. The email will state the project end date and date required for closeout. The email will also state which final reports are needed. A cc copy is given to OCGA.
  3. OSP will send a reminder email if final documents are not received 30 days before Sponsor deadline.
  4. The PI is responsible for preparing the final technical report, and working with OSP concerning any property or patents associated with the grant or contract.*
  5. The Department Administrator is responsible for preparing the final certification of expenses and sending a copy to the Office of Contract and Grant Accounting. When OSP receives the appropriate closeout documents from the PI and Department, OSP will submit the final technical report (if not already submitted by the PI), final patent report, and final property report. OSP will also keep on record the final certification of expenses.
  6. OSP waits to receive confirmation from the Sponsor’s closeout official that documents are complete before officially closing the grant.
  7. OSP keeps terminated files for at least three years or amount required by Sponsor.
  8. Office of Contract and Grant Accounting provides the Department closeout checklists and final expense certification form to be completed.
  9. Office of Contract and Grant Accounting is responsible for completing all final financial reports and submitting to the Sponsoring Agency.

*Sometimes sponsors allow PI’s to submit some reports directly . Since sponsors differ on who
submits required reporting, it is best to work with OSP prior to submission to make sure reports
are submitted where and how required in the award.

Closing Checklist for OCGA Grant Accountants (OCGA Webpage)