This program is not currently being offered; this page continues to exist for archival purposes.


UMBC is one of four academic institutions located in Japan and the United States working together on a program supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation and the Japan Science and Technology Agency entitled:

Bridging the Digital Gap and Identifying Cross-Cultural Pathways for Adoption of IoT Technologies to Support Super-Aging Societies in Japan and the U.S..

The international academic partners include UMBC in Baltimore, Northeastern University in Boston, Kyushu University in Fukuoka and Keio University in Tokyo.

The goal of this international partnership is to enable continued productive engagement of older adults through culturally competent digital science approached to address common issues in U.S. and Japanese super-aging communities.

The program is addressing four integrated research thrusts:

  • R1: Comparative Study of the Japan/U.S. Cultural Context
  • R2: Natural Human-Smart IoT Interaction Design
  • R3: Context Recognition, Understanding, and “Exploitation”
  • R4: Security and Privacy of Smart IoT for Super-Aging

This program is supported by a joint Planning Grant by the National Science Foundation and the Japan Science and Technology Agency.

Please use the NSF-JST-SCC Box Folder to access and deposit relevant documents. (Authorized individuals only)