NSF CAREER Awards to UMBC Faculty

UMBC junior investigators have secured a total of 40 NSF CAREER Awards since the program was established by NSF in 1995, including 9 in the past five years alone.  Many of these faculty members have since risen to leadership positions at UMBC and at other institutions.

CAREER: Fair Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent Humans: Removing the Barriers to Deployment of Fair AI Technologies
Award Number: 2046381; Principal Investigator: James Foulds (IS)
NSF Organization: CISE; Award Date: 03/01/2021; Award Amount: $546,724

CAREER: Synergy-based Human Machine Interfaces
Award Number: 2053498; Principal Investigator: Ramana Vinjamuri (CSEE)
NSF Organization: IIS; Award Date: 11/13/2020; Award Amount: $499,983

CAREER: Big Data Climate Causality Analytics
Award Number: 1942714; Principal Investigator: Jianwu Wang (IS)
NSF Organization: OAC; Award Date: 04/01/2020; Award Amount: $542,294

CAREER: Investigating the Impact of Device Aging on the Security of Cryptographic Chips
Award Number: 1943224; Principal Investigator: Naghmeh Karimi (CSEE)
NSF Organization: CNS; Award Date: 03/24/2020; Award Amount: $499,000

CAREER: Structure, Mechanism, and Selectivity of Microbial Ferrous Iron Transport
Award Number: 1844624; Principal Investigator: Aaron Smith (Chem/Biochem)
NSF Organization: CHE; Award Date: 04/10/2019; Award Amount: $548,000

CAREER: Scalable and Adaptable Cross-Domain Autonomous Health Assessment
Award Number: 1750936; Principal Investigator: Nirmalya Roy (IS)
NSF Organization: CNS; Award Date: 04/24/2018; Award Amount: $550,316

CAREER: Environmental Forensics: Emerging Water Quality Tools to Detect Leaking Sewers in Urban Streams
Award Number: 1653726; Principal Investigator: Lee Blaney (CBEE)
NSF Organization: CBET; Award Date: 03/17/2017; Award Amount: $512,000

CAREER: DeepMatter: A Scalable and Programmable Embedded Deep Neural Network
Award Number: 1652703; Principal Investigator: Tinoosh Mohsenin (CSEE)
NSF Organization: CNS; Award Date: 03/17/2017; Award Amount: $379,865

CAREER: Synergistic Cross-IoT N-Way Sensing using Wireless Traffic in the Edge
Award Number: 1652669; Principal Investigator: Ting Zhu (CSEE)
NSF Organization: CNS; Award Date: 02/08/2017; Award Amount: $394,671

CAREER: Revealing the Complex Fluid Dynamics of Conventional Liquids Using Vibrating Nanoparticles
Award Number: 1554895; Principal Investigator: Matt Pelton (Physics)
NSF Organization: DMR; Award Date: 03/08/2016; Award Amount: $689,999

CAREER: Collaborative Image Manipulation and Annotation in Surgical Telemedicine
Award Number: 1552837; Principal Investigator: Helena Mentis (IS)
NSF Organization: IIS; Award Date: 02/17/2016; Award Amount: $532,351

CAREER: Characterizing Acid-Catalyzed Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation in the Atmosphere
Award Number: 1454763; Principal Investigator: Christopher Hennigan (CBEE)
NSF Organization: CHE; Award Date: 09/15/2015; Award Amount: $561,265

CAREER: A Self-Powered Biosensing Microsystem
Award Number: 1349603; Principal Investigator: Gymama Slaughter (CSEE)
NSF Organization: ECCS; Award Date: 01/01/2014; Award Amount: $416,000

CAREER: System Support for Renewable Energy-driven Devices
Award Number: 1308723; Principal Investigator: Nilanjan Banerjee (CSEE)
NSF Organization: CNS; Award Date: 08/24/2012; Award Amount: $351,480

CAREER: Regulation and Function of STAT Signaling in Cell Adhesion and Detachment
Award Number: 1054422; Principal Investigator: Michelle Starz-Gaiano (Biology) 
NSF Organization: IOS; Award Date: 02/15/2011; Award Amount: $650,000

CAREER: Deposition and Interface Properties of Metal Oxide Films on GaAs
Award Number: 0846445; Principal Investigator: Theodosia Gougousi (Physics)
NSF Organization: DMR; Award Date: 05/01/2009; Award Amount: $530,653

CAREER: A Theoretical Framework for the Conceptual Design of Compliant Systems
Award Number: 0845793; Principal Investigator: Hai-Jun Su (Mechanical)
NSF Organization: CMMI; Award Date: 05/01/2009; Award Amount: $412,000

CAREER: Organizational Adaptation in Artificial Agent Societies
Award Number: 0545726; Principal Investigator: Marie desJardins (CSEE)
NSF Organization: IIS; Award Date: 05/15/2006; Award Amount: $513,640

CAREER: Role of Zebrafish N-cadherin in Neurulation and Neuronal Differentiation (PECASE)
Award Number: 0448432; Principal Investigator: Rachel Brewster (Biology)
NSF Organization: IOS; Award Date: 02/01/2005; Award Amount: $583,986

CAREER: Discovering Theoretical Entities
Award Number: 0447435; Principal Investigator: Tim Oates (CSEE)
NSF Organization: IIS; Award Date: 01/15/2005; Award Amount: $500,000

CAREER: Vibration and Stability of Distributed Structures with Industrial Applications
Award Number: 0348605; Principal Investigator: Weidong Zhu (Mechanical)
NSF Organization: CMMI; Award Date: 06/01/2004; Award Amount: $411,000

CAREER: Using Multiple Nuclear Introns to Reconstruct the History of Plumage Dichromatism in Orioles (Icterus).
Award Number: 0347083; Principal Investigator: Kevin Omland (Biology)
NSF Organization: DEB; Award Date: 05/01/2004; Award Amount: $714,494

CAREER: Transition Metal Mediated Guanine Oxidation in Condensed DNA
Award Number: 0346066; Principal Investigator: Veronika Szalai (Chem/Biochem)
NSF Organization: CHE; Award Date: 02/01/2004; Award Amount: $535,000

CAREER: Large-Scale Semidefinite Programming
Award Number: 0238008; Principal Investigator: Madhu Nayakkankuppam (Math/Stat)
NSF Organization: DMS; Award Date: 09/01/2003; Award Amount: $83,136

CAREER: Aging, Tooth Fracture and the Success of Restorative Dentistry
Award Number: 0238237; Principal Investigator: Dwayne Arola (Mechanical)
NSF Organization: CBET; Award Date: 06/01/2003; Award Amount: $412,000

CAREER: Methodology for Statistical Computing in Massive Datasets: Parallel Approaches to Cluster and MCMC Estimation
Award Number: 0239734; Principal Investigator: Ranjan Maitra (Math/Stat)
NSF Organization: DMS; Award Date: 06/01/2003; Award Amount: $172,467

 CAREER: Ubiquitous Distributed Knowledge Discovery from Heterogeneous Data
Award Number: 0093353; Principal Investigator: Hillol Kargupta (CSEE)
NSF Organization: IIS; Award Date: 09/01/2001; Award Amount: $370,000

CAREER: A Unified Framework for Analysis and Synthesis of Feedforward ANNs, Integrating Fault Tolerance (FT), Generalization, Intrinsic Capacity/Redundancy and Learning Complexity
Award Number: 0196362; Principal Investigator: Dhananjay Phatak (CSEE)
NSF Organization: ECCS; Award Date: 09/01/2000; Award Amount: $143,813

CAREER: Information Sources for Software Maintenance
Award Number: 9984047; Principal Investigator: Carolyn Seaman (IS)
NSF Organization: CCF; Award Date: 03/15/2000; Award Amount: $229,994

CAREER: Quantitative Studies of Weak Interactions in Aqueous Solution: Anion Binding by Cationic Cyclodextrins
Award Number: 9985300; Principal Investigator: Paul Smith (Chem/Biochem)
NSF Organization: CHE; Award Date: 02/15/2000; Award Amount: $402,100

CAREER: Redox-Mediated Cleavage of Peptides and Nucleic Acids
Award Number: 9984874; Principal Investigator: Lisa Kelly (Chem/Biochem)
NSF Organization: CHE; Award Date: 02/15/2000; Award Amount: $388,000

CAREER: Thermodynamics, Photophysics and Spectroscopy of Charge-Transfer Complexes
Award Number: 9985299; Principal Investigator: Bradley Arnold (Chem/Biochem)
NSF Organization: CHE; Award Date: 02/01/2000; Award Amount: $390,000

CAREER: MultiAgent Systems to Support Mobile Information Access
Award Number: 9875433; Principal Investigator: Anupam Joshi (CSEE)
NSF Organization: IIS; Award Date: 06/01/1999; Award Amount: $213,952

CAREER: Rational Manipulation of Fungal Cell Wall Composition to Control Hyphal Fragmentation
Award Number: 9876012; Principal Investigator: Mark Marten (CBEE)
NSF Organization: CBET; Award Date: 05/01/1999; Award Amount: $330,000

CAREER: Multivariate Visualization of Importance-Varying Data
Award Number: 9996043; Principal Investigator: Penny Rheingans (CSEE)
NSF Organization: ACI; Award Date: 11/01/1998; Award Amount: $178,300

CAREER: Immuno-Optical Biosensors for Plasma Factors/ Application of TQM in Bioengineering Education
Award Number: 9733207; Principal Investigator: Kyung Kang (CBEE)
NSF Organization: CBET; Award Date: 08/15/1998; Award Amount: $160,000

CAREER: Maximum Partial Likelihood Methods for Communications
Award Number: 9703161; Principal Investigator: Tulay Adali (CSEE)
NSF Organization: CCF; Award Date: 08/01/1997; Award Amount: $200,000

CAREER: Receptor-Mediated Bacterial Adhesion to Extracellular Matrix
Award Number: 9702985; Principal Investigator: Julia Ross (CBEE)
NSF Organization: CBET; Award Date: 06/01/1997; Award Amount: $230,000

CAREER: Designer Proteases Using Catalytic Antibodies
Award Number: 9502901; Principal Investigator: Michael Sierks (CBEE) 
NSF Organization: BME; Award Date: 08/15/1995; Award Amount: $218,500

CAREER: An Object-Oriented 3D Interaction Toolkit for Virtual Environment Research
Award Number: 9503093; Principal Investigator: Russell Turner (CSEE)
NSF Organization: IIS; Award Date: 05/01/1995; Award Amount: $134,756