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UMBC junior investigators have secured a total of 38 NSF CAREER Awards, since the program was established by NSF in 1995.  Many of these faculty members have since risen to leadership positions at UMBC and at other institutions.

CAREER: Big Data Climate Causality Analytics
Award Number: 1942714; Principal Investigator:  Jianwu Wang
NSF Organization: OAC; Award Date: 04/01/2020; Award Amount: $317,620

CAREER: Investigating the Impact of Device Aging on the Security of Cryptographic Chips
Award Number: 1943224; Principal Investigator: Naghmeh Karimi
NSF Organization: CNS; Award Date: 03/24/2020; Award Amount: $499,000

CAREER: Structure, Mechanism, and Selectivity of Microbial Ferrous Iron Transport
Award Number: 1844624; Principal Investigator: Aaron Smith
NSF Organization: CHE; Award Date: 04/10/2019; Award Amount: $548,000

CAREER: Scalable and Adaptable Cross-Domain Autonomous Health Assessment
Award Number: 1750936; Principal Investigator: Nirmalya Roy
NSF Organization: CNS; Award Date: 04/24/2018; Award Amount: $550,316

CAREER: Environmental Forensics: Emerging Water Quality Tools to Detect Leaking Sewers in Urban Streams
Award Number: 1653726; Principal Investigator: Lee Blaney
NSF Organization: CBET; Award Date: 03/17/2017; Award Amount: $126,846

CAREER: DeepMatter: A Scalable and Programmable Embedded Deep Neural Network
Award Number: 1652703; Principal Investigator: Tinoosh Mohsenin
NSF Organization: CNS; Award Date: 03/17/2017; Award Amount: $185,975

CAREER: Synergistic Cross-IoT N-Way Sensing using Wireless Traffic in the Edge
Award Number: 1652669; Principal Investigator: Ting Zhu
NSF Organization: CNS; Award Date: 02/08/2017; Award Amount: $93,548

CAREER: Revealing the Complex Fluid Dynamics of Conventional Liquids Using Vibrating Nanoparticles
Award Number: 1554895; Principal Investigator: Matt Pelton
NSF Organization: DMR; Award Date: 03/08/2016; Award Amount: $266,237

CAREER: Collaborative Image Manipulation and Annotation in Surgical Telemedicine
Award Number: 1552837; Principal Investigator: Helena Mentis
NSF Organization: IIS; Award Date: 02/17/2016; Award Amount: $98,708

CAREER: Characterizing Acid-Catalyzed Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation in the Atmosphere
Award Number: 1454763; Principal Investigator: Christopher Hennigan
NSF Organization: CHE; Award Date: 09/15/2015; Award Amount: $524,606

CAREER: A Self-Powered Biosensing Microsystem
Award Number: 1349603; Principal Investigator: Gymama Slaughter;
NSF Organization: ECCS; Award Date: 01/01/2014; Award Amount: $416,000

CAREER: System Support for Renewable Energy-driven Devices
Award Number: 1308723; Principal Investigator: Nilanjan Banerjee;
NSF Organization: CNS; Award Date: 08/24/2012; Award Amount: $351,480

CAREER: Regulation and Function of STAT Signaling in Cell Adhesion and Detachment
Award Number: 1054422; Principal Investigator: Michelle Starz-Gaiano;
NSF Organization: IOS; Award Date: 02/15/2011; Award Amount: $650,000

CAREER: Deposition and Interface Properties of Metal Oxide Films on GaAs
Award Number: 0846445; Principal Investigator: Theodosia Gougousi;
NSF Organization: DMR; Award Date: 05/01/2009; Award Amount: $530,653

CAREER: A Theoretical Framework for the Conceptual Design of Compliant Systems
Award Number: 0845793; Principal Investigator: Hai-Jun Su;
NSF Organization: CMMI; Award Date: 05/01/2009; Award Amount: $412,000

CAREER: Organizational Adaptation in Artificial Agent Societies
Award Number: 0545726; Principal Investigator: Marie desJardins;
NSF Organization: IIS; Award Date: 05/15/2006; Award Amount: $513,640

CAREER: Role of Zebrafish N-cadherin in Neurulation and Neuronal Differentiation (PECASE)
Award Number: 0448432; Principal Investigator: Rachel Brewster;
NSF Organization: IOS; Award Date: 02/01/2005; Award Amount: $583,986

CAREER: Discovering Theoretical Entities
Award Number: 0447435; Principal Investigator: Tim Oates;
NSF Organization: IIS; Award Date: 01/15/2005; Award Amount: $500,000

CAREER: Vibration and Stability of Distributed Structures with Industrial Applications
Award Number: 0348605; Principal Investigator: Weidong Zhu;
NSF Organization: CMMI; Award Date: 06/01/2004; Award Amount: $411,000

CAREER: Using Multiple Nuclear Introns to Reconstruct the History of Plumage Dichromatism in Orioles (Icterus).
Award Number: 0347083; Principal Investigator: Kevin Omland;
NSF Organization: DEB; Award Date: 05/01/2004; Award Amount: $714,494

CAREER: Transition Metal Mediated Guanine Oxidation in Condensed DNA
Award Number: 0346066; Principal Investigator: Veronika Szalai;
NSF Organization: CHE; Award Date: 02/01/2004; Award Amount: $535,000

CAREER: Large-Scale Semidefinite Programming
Award Number: 0238008; Principal Investigator: Madhu Nayakkankuppam;
NSF Organization: DMS; Award Date: 09/01/2003; Award Amount: $83,136

CAREER: Aging, Tooth Fracture and the Success of Restorative Dentistry
Award Number: 0238237; Principal Investigator: Dwayne Arola;
NSF Organization: CBET; Award Date: 06/01/2003; Award Amount: $412,000

CAREER: Methodology for Statistical Computing in Massive Datasets: Parallel Approaches to Cluster and MCMC Estimation
Award Number: 0239734; Principal Investigator: Ranjan Maitra;
NSF Organization: DMS; Award Date: 06/01/2003; Award Amount: $172,467

 CAREER: Ubiquitous Distributed Knowledge Discovery from Heterogeneous Data
Award Number: 0093353; Principal Investigator: Hillol Kargupta;
NSF Organization: IIS; Award Date: 09/01/2001; Award Amount: $370,000

CAREER: A Unified Framework for Analysis and Synthesis of Feedforward ANNs, Integrating Fault Tolerance (FT), Generalization, Intrinsic Capacity/Redundancy and Learning Complexity
Award Number: 0196362; Principal Investigator: Dhananjay Phatak;
NSF Organization: ECCS; Award Date: 09/01/2000; Award Amount: $143,813

CAREER: Information Sources for Software Maintenance
Award Number: 9984047; Principal Investigator: Carolyn Seaman;
NSF Organization: CCF; Award Date: 03/15/2000; Award Amount: $229,994

CAREER: Quantitative Studies of Weak Interactions in Aqueous Solution: Anion Binding by Cationic Cyclodextrins
Award Number: 9985300; Principal Investigator: Paul Smith;
NSF Organization: CHE; Award Date: 02/15/2000; Award Amount: $402,100

CAREER: Redox-Mediated Cleavage of Peptides and Nucleic Acids
Award Number: 9984874; Principal Investigator: Lisa Kelly;
NSF Organization: CHE; Award Date: 02/15/2000; Award Amount: $388,000

CAREER: Thermodynamics, Photophysics and Spectroscopy of Charge-Transfer Complexes
Award Number: 9985299; Principal Investigator: Bradley Arnold;
NSF Organization: CHE; Award Date: 02/01/2000; Award Amount: $390,000

CAREER: MultiAgent Systems to Support Mobile Information Access
Award Number: 9875433; Principal Investigator: Anupam Joshi;
NSF Organization: IIS; Award Date: 06/01/1999; Award Amount: $213,952

CAREER: Rational Manipulation of Fungal Cell Wall Composition to Control Hyphal Fragmentation
Award Number: 9876012; Principal Investigator: Mark Marten;
NSF Organization: CBET; Award Date: 05/01/1999; Award Amount: $330,000

CAREER: Multivariate Visualization of Importance-Varying Data
Award Number: 9996043; Principal Investigator: Penny Rheingans;
NSF Organization: ACI; Award Date: 11/01/1998; Award Amount: $178,300

CAREER: Immuno-Optical Biosensors for Plasma Factors/ Application of TQM in Bioengineering Education
Award Number: 9733207; Principal Investigator: Kyung Kang;
NSF Organization: CBET; Award Date: 08/15/1998; Award Amount: $160,000

CAREER: Maximum Partial Likelihood Methods for Communications
Award Number: 9703161; Principal Investigator: Tulay Adali;
NSF Organization: CCF; Award Date: 08/01/1997; Award Amount: $200,000

CAREER: Receptor-Mediated Bacterial Adhesion to Extracellular Matrix
Award Number: 9702985; Principal Investigator: Julia Ross;
NSF Organization: CBET; Award Date: 06/01/1997; Award Amount: $230,000

CAREER: Designer Proteases Using Catalytic Antibodies
Award Number: 9502901; Principal Investigator: Michael Sierks;
NSF Organization: BME; Award Date: 08/15/1995; Award Amount: $218,500

CAREER: An Object-Oriented 3D Interaction Toolkit for Virtual Environment Research
Award Number: 9503093; Principal Investigator: Russell Turner;
NSF Organization: IIS; Award Date: 05/01/1995; Award Amount: $134,756