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Grant Closing Procedures

1) Contracts & Grants closing procedures including the grant expiration alert letter are available on our website for the convenience of the department.

(See attachment: Grant expiration alert letter)

2) C&G Grant Accountants on a monthly basis run a query for expired grants and initiate the closing process. Closing process may also be initiated by departmental business mangers.

  • Certification letter and checklist is sent out to the department to certify final expenses as reasonable, allocable, and allowable, and also to complete a thorough check of all grants activities for finality, including the certification of effort reports and cost sharing.

(See attachments: Expense certification letter and grant closing checklist for departments)

  • Upon receiving certification of final expenses, effort reports, and cost sharing (including pending Retros/JEs), the C&G Grant Accountants complete final reporting/invoicing. Copies of final reports/invoices are attached to the PS project and sent to the department via e-mail notification.
  • Upon receiving the certified completed closing checklist from the department, C&G Grant Accountants will notify the department of receipt of checklist and give periodic updates of project inactivation status.
  • C&G Grant Accountants will complete their checklist for completion of required closing documents and finality of Systems close in grants module in PeopleSoft, and notify the department upon project inactivation.

(See attachment: Grant closing checklist for Grant Accountants)

3) C&G Grant Accountants submit request to inactivate combo edits. Upon receiving the request, the following three steps are completed by the Systems Analyst Accountant.

  • Combo edit is removed from combination rule #2.
  • Combo edit is inactivated /effective dated.
  • Project is deleted from the project tree.

4) Systems Analyst Accountant request for the “Explode Process” to be run in General Accountant.

5) General Accounting will notify Payroll Accountant that the explode process is complete.

6) The Payroll Accountant will inactivate the hr account codes. When the process is successful the Payroll Accountant will notify the Contracts & Grants Accountants.

7) The C&G Accountants will inform the departments that the projects and hr account codes have been inactivated.

Created by Ismail Ahmed & Tina Brown
Created on 3/9/2006 3:59 PM
Modified on 12/13/2006