Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The Center for Brain Imaging Research (CBIR) is a research designated MRI center for advanced imaging research. We are located at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center (MPRC) on the Spring Grove Hospital campus. Managed by the Neuroimaging Research Program (NRP) at the MPRC, the CBIR is a collaborative center involving the Department of Psychiatry and multiple departments across University of Maryland School of Medicine, University of Maryland Baltimore, and UMBC. We are open to all researchers in the Baltimore area.

fMRI Instrumentation

  • 3 Tesla Siemens TIM Trio Scanner
  • Invivo high-resolution Task Presentation System
  • 12 and 32 Channel Head Coils
  • 12 Channel Whole-body Coil
  • 200-node Server for Imaging Data Preprocessing and Storage

Imaging Modalities:

  • fMRI – many available cognitive paradigms
  • Very high resolution structural MRI
  • DTI – white matter integrity
  • MRS – Quantify major neurotransmitters
  • ASL – Quantify perfusion of gray and white matter
  • FLAIR – hyperintensity white matter lesions
  • Carotid and vertebrate Artery wall thickness
  • Body adipose tissue quantification
  • ERP/PPI Lab, TMS Lab, Eye Lab

Contact for more information and rates: Dr. Elliott Hong, Maryland Psychiatric Research Center at Spring Grove Hospital Campus, 410 402-6828,