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Biosafety Special Topics

These are areas the IBC has questions about from time to time. Investigators or Lab Instructors whose  activities will involve research or teaching in these areas will find the information under each area useful.

October is National Biosafety Stewardship Month (NBSM)

Click here for more educational information from the NIH Office of Science Policy.

Recommendations for Biological cleanup using Chlorine Solution

A 10% chlorine solution made fresh daily is the currently recommended to decontaminate most biological agents used in the laboratory –

Common Chemicals Used for Cleaning and Decontamination

Hypochlorite (Bleach)
Chlorine Dioxide
Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid
Iodophor Disinfectant (Wescodyne)
Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (Quats)

Click on the guidance from the University of Colorado Boulder for more information.

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