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Forms for Grants & Contracts

Forms in MS Word or Excel format may be downloaded to your computer to complete. Click on the format of your choice and save in a local directory on your computer. Use the tab key to move from one field to the next while filling out these forms. If you’d like more information about the use of these forms in the research process, please click the link that is provided for that form.

The forms in PDF format may also be filled out online and printed for signature using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please keep in mind that if you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader, your information will not be saved once you close the document. If you would like the ability to save and modify the completed forms, please obtain the full version of Adobe Acrobat.

Proposal Forms

  • Proposal Routing Form [Word]
  • Addendum to Routing Form for NSF and NIH/PHS Proposals [Word]
  • PI Eligibility Exception Request [Word]
  • Facilities & Administrative Cost Waiver [Word]
  • Cost Sharing Statement & Approval Form [Word]
  • Sample Title Page [Word]
  • Assurance of Use of Hazardous Procedures [Word]
  • Recombinant DNA Research Use Form [Word]
  • NASA Proposal Checklist [Word]
  • NSF Proposal Checklist [Word]

Budget Templates

  • General [Excel]
  • Budget Justification [Word]

Other Forms & Agreement Templates

  • Pre-Award Request [Word]
  • Research Agreement [Word]
  • Service Agreement [Word]
  • Mutual Confidentiality Agreement [Word]
  • Material Transfer Agreement [Word]
  • Compliance Checklist for CDA and MTA [Word]

Subrecipient Forms

  • Subrecipient commitment form [Adobe]
  • Subrecpient and Vendor Checklist for Sponsored Projects [Adobe]
  • Subrecipient commitment form for ARRA funded projects [Adobe]
  • Subrecipient financial conflict of interest addendum – PHS funded research [Adobe]

Closeout Forms

  • DOE-Patent Certification [Word]
  • DOE-Final Technical Report [Word]
  • DOE- Property Closeout [Word]
  • NASA – Final Invention Report [Adobe]
  • NASA – Final Technical Report [Word]
  • NASA – Final Property Report (positive), etc.. [Adobe]
  • NIH Close Out Forms
  • NSF – Final Technical Report Outline [Word]
  • Generic Final Technical Report [Adobe]
  • Generic Final Property Report [Word]
  • DOD Report of Inventions (Form DD882) [Adobe]

updated 09/30/2014


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