RCA Strategic Award Supplement


Sponsored by the Office of Research and Creative Achievement (ORCA), this program provides internal funding, up to $15,000 each, to supplement externally funded grants or fellowships from agencies and organizations of strategic importance to UMBC, in order to further support and propel the proposed research or creative achievement initiatives.

For the FY24 funding cycle, this program is designated to supplement UMBC researchers with active Research Grant (R-series) awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Proposal and Award Guidelines:

UMBC PI(s) must submit the following:

  • A one-page proposal which details the following:
      • Applicant(s) name, rank, department, college, and contact info;
      • A description of how the award supplement would further advance the funded research or creative activity, including how it would position the PI(s) to seek follow-on external funding;
      • Signatures of the applicant(s) as well as their department chair(s), and the respective associate dean for research of their college(s), indicating their awareness of the application submission,
      • Before uploading, please name the file “LastName_Proposal
  • A one-page budget including a brief justification that includes:
      • Amount of supplemental funding requested,
      • Rationale for the funding requested,
      • Timeline for the use of the funds,
      • Before uploading, please name the file “LastName_Budget
  • Attach the executive summary or abstract of the current award and include the number for the current award in Kuali.
      • Before uploading, please name the file “LastName_CurrentAward

Funding may be used to support expenses including, but not limited to:

  • Travel costs
  • Publication expenses
  • Minor equipment, materials, or supplies
  • Consultant service fees or honoraria
  • Computing or instrumentation fees
  • Student research assistant or research coordinator
  • Expenses related to additional data collection
      • Indicate in the budget justification as relevant whether the additional data collection would involve human subjects, vertebrate animals, and/or hazardous materials/procedures
      • If yes, also indicate in the budget justification whether existing or new approvals will be needed to cover the additional data collection
      • Approvals must be secured before internal funding can be awarded
  • Other activities or expenditures unanticipated at the time of the original proposal submission or that are not covered by the current award.

The supplement is intended for single or collaborative investigator Research Grant (R-series) awards. Funding will not provide salary support or course buyouts for the PI(s). Funds must be utilized during the active period of the external award. Award amounts are subject to availability of funds and the securing of relevant approvals at departmental and college levels.

Applications may be submitted on a rolling basis via this Google form.

At the end of the award period, the PI will be required to provide a one-page report summarizing how the supplemental funding assisted in advancing the overall project.