How to Notify Non-Lead Unit Business Persons on Inter-Disciplinary Proposals


PURPOSE: To address the need for notifying other business unit persons when proposals are routed for approval. Currently, Kuali will route to the Dept Chair and Dean of a non-lead unit. However, the proposal will not route to a non-lead unit’s business person even if resources (i.e. personnel, space, cost share etc.) are proposed.

RESPONSIBILITY: Proposal Aggregators, Principal Investigators, Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), Department Business Manager, Deans and Directors.

OBJECTIVE: How principal investigators and department administrators can manage notifications to other business persons who have resources being used as a part of the proposal project.  As a standard policy, sponsored research projects must be approved by department chairs, deans and center directors when any of their resources are named on a proposal. This procedure outlines how proposal aggregators can notify other business persons who also need to be aware of and work on the project.

  1. Notify Other Business Unit Personnel: If resources from another unit, (i.e. personnel, space, cost share etc.) are being used, the Principal Investigator and Department Administrator must notify other unit business managers.
  2. Add Access to View Proposals and/or Receive Ad-hoc Notifications: Proposal Aggregator may give business support persons in other units the access to view a proposal and budget and also add persons to ad-hoc routing notifications. See the following Kuali Quick Reference Guides: How to Assign Ad Hoc Routings in Kuali  on how to set up ad-hoc notifications and How to Grant Access to Your Proposal on how to give access to others to view or work on your proposal.

Monitoring: The proposal aggregator may add or remove persons working on proposals throughout the proposal creation process. Proposal approvers may also add reviewers and approvers.

To download or print a copy of this procedure:  Inter-Disciplinary Proposal Notification Procedure