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Kuali and Animal Research

UMBC is continuing to transition its research related processes into the Kuali system. The Proposal Submission, Awards and Conflict of Interest modules handling funding submissions and financial COI disclosures are already live. The next steps in Kuali implementation are Protocols. Protocols will replace the current paper/email based submission process for animal care and use and human subjects research. For more information of the past integration efforts, see Kuali at UMBC.

The next step of transition involves the IACUC part of the Kuali Protocols module. The Office of Research Protections and Compliance (ORPC) is in the process of configuring the Protocols module to mirror the current animal research use protocol application process. Instead of submitting paper, Protocols allows for submission of protocol applications via the Kuali cloud-based system. Investigators can expect an improvement in review processing time and more efficient communication with the staff of the ORPC. In turn, compliance committee members will experience a more streamlined process to review and ultimately approve animal research studies.

Estimated Kuali Protocols Timeline

1. Kuali inputs current UMBC IACUC forms in to system to create on-line forms – September 2018
2. Kuali creates IACUC process configuration in the system- September 2018/October 2018
3. UMBC performs form testing and IACUC process review – October 2018
4. UMBC Identifies testing groups of IACUC stakeholders (department admins, investigators, IACUC committee member) – November 2018
5. UMBC develops training manuals – November/December 2018
6. IACUC protocols Go Live – January 2019
7. IRB Scheduled for implementation in mid 2019?

Regarding #4 of the timeline, the ORPC is in search of testers to help us ensure: 1) our investigators and research team members understand the process of protocol submission in Kuali; 2) the process runs smoothly and efficiently; and 3) that approvals of animal use protocols meet the expectations of our faculty to conduct animal research. All work is done in Kuali’s sandbox environment. If you’d like to help in this effort, or just kick the tires, please contact us at

The next phase of Protocol evolution involves human subjects (the IRB). Stay tuned to this page for further developments.

For training information and to sign up for classes, visit Kuali Training

Didn’t find what you needed? Contact the ORPC at 410-455-2737 or our feedback page.


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