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Approving Principal Investigator Status



Reference: UMBC Policy on PI Eligibility # IV-2.00.03

General Overview:

The PeopleSoft Finance Security Access Form includes a PI eligibility box that should be checked if an employee requires PI status.  The standard process for completing the form should be followed.  The form is approved by the individual’s Supervisor. It then goes to Financial Services, who is responsible for physically entering someone into the PeopleSoft (PS) system.  Should the PI box be checked, Financial Services forwards the form to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) for adding the PI confirmation into People Soft.  OSP will determine based on the policy or in consultation with the Vice President for Research if the person should be given PI status.

In addition to the requirements defined in the PI Eligibility Policy, effective August 1, 2012, new PI’s will be required to take Principal Investigator Research Administration Training and Education (PIRATE) before being granted PI status.  Proposals will be processed, but Awards will be held for any new PI who has not completed PIRATE.

Supervisor/Individual Process:

New Employees: If the supervisor believes an individual should be given PI status, the PS Finance Security Access Form should be completed with the PI box checked, at the time they are hired (i.e. signed appointment letter).  The departmental workflow initiator will not be able to add a person as a PI unless they are “workflow eligible” and “PI eligible in PS”.  This review process may take a few weeks especially in cases where PI’s title does not automatically warrant PI status as defined in the policy.  Waiting until a proposal is about to be routed is too late and will prevent the PI from being able to route a proposal.  If being a PI is a condition of hire, the PI Eligibility Exception Form form can be completed prior to hire.

Existing employees: Those who currently have PI status as of July 2012 will maintain PI status as allowed by the PI Eligibility Policy.  If an existing employee requires PI status, a revised PeopleSoft Finance Security Access Form can be submitted to Financial Services, or an excel spreadsheet for groups ( entire department) can be submitted.  The excel spreadsheet should include the following columns: Name, Employee ID, User ID, Email, Should have Electronic Workflow Y/N, Should have Effort Reporting Y/N. Financial Services will send the form or excel spreadsheet to OSP for review of the extra PI button. Upon OSP approval, Financial Services will contact the individual or everyone in that group and cc the department head so users know they are receiving the new access.

PI’s who are on non-active leave codes (i.e. Sabbatical, terminal leave, etc.) will automatically lose PI status in PeopleSoft.  Therefore, UMBC units should work with Faculty Affairs to make sure the leave status allows for the individual to be a PI while on leave.  OSP will not allow someone to be a PI on leave without appropriate approvals.

Office of Research Administration (ORA/OSP) Internal Process:

When a PI status confirmation request is received from Financial Services the appropriate manager in OSP will review the request for PI status with the Vice President for Research based on the criteria established in the policy. This means verifying the appointment title, employment status, and completion of PIRATE training. If an exception to the policy is required, the department will need to forward the following items to OSP for seeking VP approval: 1) a justification, 2) a copy of the appointment letter, 3) a CV or bio sketch, and 4) a verification of the percent of time to be spent on the proposal using the PI Eligibility Exception Form

Once approval is provided by the Vice President for Research, OSP will notify Financial Services of the approval.  OSP will enter PS Grants>Professionals>Professional Data, pull up the person’s EMPLID, and click the “PI Eligible” and/or the “Workflow Eligible” boxes at the bottom of the screen.

Removing Someone as PI Eligible:

Someone should not have PI status if they no longer meet the PI criteria as defined in the policy.  It is the department’s responsibility to remove someone as an eligible PI via a revised PeopleSoft Finance Security Access Form submitted to Financial Services.